At Texas Pictures, we have extensive experience creating socially-relevant, award-winning documentaries of substance for municipalities, police departments, non-profit organizations, and others working to increase awareness about important topics.  Click any of the posters below to view, or scroll down to see each.

We realized that the important thing was not the film itself but that which the film provoked.
—Fernando Solanas ("Cinema as Gun") 

END OF WATCH: The Kevin Will Story
20 minutes

The story of a Houston Police Officer killed by a drunk driver and the impact of the loss to the department, family and everyone involved in the case. View media coverage HERE (opens in new window).

In feature films the director is God; in documentary films God is the director.
—Alfred Hitchcock 

10,000 LIVES
31 minutes

An in-depth, gritty look at the impact of impaired driving on society. A team of high school students from all over the Houston area was assembled by Texas Pictures to help create this powerful documentary that targets teens as the audience. The Houston Police Department gave the production team rare, behind-the-scenes access to DWI enforcement, prisoner arrests and processing. The film also includes perspectives from police officers, victims, offenders, prosecutors and defense attorneys to present a comprehensive overview of this terrible crime. View media coverage HERE (opens in a new window).

The best films of any kind, narrative or documentary, provoke questions.
-- Edward Norton 

22 minutes

Distracted driving can lead to lives forever changed and lives forever lost. This documentary, produced in association with the Houston Police Department and AAA, explores the dangers and consequences of distracted driving in-depth. The documentary is a resource AAA has made available as part of AAA’s multi-year initiative called, ‘Don’t Drive Intoxicated. Don’t Drive Intexticated.’ The goal is to increase the social stigma around texting while driving like the stigma that exists with impaired driving. View media coverage HERE (opens in a new window).

Documentaries are a powerful and effective way of bridging the gap between worlds, breaking through to new audiences that wouldn’t otherwise be engaged – in essence, not preaching to the choir.
- Olivia Wilde 

The Last High
58 minutes

This documentary explores the dangers of synthetic cannabinoids (Kush, Spice, etc.). With real-world footage and first-hand accounts from users, former users, counselors, first responders, law enforcement and others, this documentary tells of some of the terrible tragedies this terrible drug can inflict on users and their families. The film was created with the help of a team of high school and college-age volunteers, and features interviews with Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, DEA agent Wendell Campbell, Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson, Addiction Psychiatrist Gerald Bush and others. View media coverage HERE (opens in a new window)

It's such a rich experience when you enter into a subject from a documentary point of view. It's hard for fiction to compete with that.
—Jonathan Demme 

Chronicles of a Teen Killer
33 minutes

A team of high school students from all over the Houston area was assembled by Texas Pictures to help create this powerful, graphic documentary that targets teens as the audience. The production team was given rare behind-the-scenes access to DWI enforcement, prisoner arrests and processing, DWI crash scenes, emergency rooms, courtrooms and other locations to develop the content of this documentary. The team of teens was involved in every stage of the production process to ensure the finished work effectively communicates to an audience of their peers. View media coverage HERE (opens in a new window)

I didn't realize that, in doing a documentary, there is this process of discovery. It's not like a film or a play with a set script. It sort of reveals itself.
—William Shatner

Echoes in the Wilderness
28 minutes

A long-format documentary created by Texas Pictures Creative Director, Glen Muse in 2002 about the impact of seismic exploration on the land we share.

[Documentary] filmmakers know how to make things happen.
—Jackson Browne


STANDING DOWN: PTSD and the American Peace Officer
A feature-length documentary that presents a comprehensive overview of the impact and consequences of post-traumatic stress on American peace officers to general audiences as well as law enforcement officers. View the full proposal HERE (opens in a new window).

IMPACT - The facts and myths of exploration and production in the U.S.
The news media and the entertainment industry often present the oil and gas industry as deceptive, environmentally unfriendly, exploitive villains. The information captivates audiences, shapes public opinion and influences official policies, but where does this information come from, and how much is accurate? This documentary will explore the sources of the information that fuel the confusion about exploration and the industries behind it. View the proposal HERE (opens in a new window)

This documentary investigates the businesses that profit from human trafficking. This story is not about the victims or the traffickers themselves, but about those secondary businesses that turn a blind eye to the inhumane criminal activity they profit from. The film will call attention to the role some otherwise reputable businesses play in facilitating this terrible crime.   

We explore the threat of industrial pollution as it relates to carelessness and disregard for public health on the part of industry. The message will increase awareness of this issue, to make industry more compliant with the law, and to make offenders more accountable to the public.  

Harris County leads the nation in DWI. This documentary investigates the bars, restaurants and nightclubs that have developed reputations for regularly serving intoxicated patrons who then get behind the wheel and wreak havoc on the roadways and the drivers in Harris County.

This documentary explores the darkest sides of family violence and illustrates how far reaching and impactful this tragic issue is on children and spouses, and provides vital information about how to find help.


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